10:35 and black people are still fighting each other
10:35 and I still want my tribe to be superior
10:35 and freedom remains an illusion.

I’m looking at Africa with its thorns out
Looking at kids with their taught hate out
I’m tired of seeing people on the streets
Here’s a suggestion: let’s all sell our TVs

I find it ridiculous
That desolation has been normalised
I find it ludicrous
That starvation is justified.
I find it disgusting
That poverty is profitable.

So I stick it to the man.
I deceive and manipulate him
I study psychology
I take the information and use it against him
I let him think he’s the master
And I’m the puppet.

I insist we all persist and resist
Let them go to work
Let them walk in our shoes

Kids afraid to go play outside
Scared they might come back a corpse
But the white man has nothing on us
Only if he didn’t brainwash the black cops

I fear no virus
For propaganda is the real virus
I fear not the white man,
For my black people are trying to kill me.
I fear not having my voice silenced,
If my people do not believe me.

The government laced with crevices of deceit,
Precipices of defeat,
They delete, the truth posing a threat to freedom.
The people follow,
A bitter pill to swallow.
I say Power To The People