Hey, I just want to say thanks
For the beautiful pictures you painted
Just with words
They compelled me to explore poetry

Your poetry inspired me
It made me try
To write something appealing

I like Mulauli’s Musings the most
‘Cause those things have really come to pass
The things Mulauli had foreseen for our country
Yet, just as a dream

For sure, you were a prophetic poet
For this poem was written before 2000’s
Talking of things yet to come
Really, what is happening right now

They had claimed
You were too political
As they had no idea
Of socio–economic issues you wished to redress

If only they had asked me
I could have told them what you meant
That it wasn’t a political poem
Rather a socio–economic poem

I know they could have not understood
But is education a political issue?
What about agriculture and government resources
Are they political too?

I think this is just contradiction
Between politics and socio–economic issues
As now there is much political interference
In socio–economic issues.