There are many times in life where we feel like we are doing the right thing but nothing fruitful is happening to us. We tend to follow what our parents advise us to be doing at school. We work hard in our education but yet we do not progress. We tend to read notes from our teachers, lectures and tutors but we tend to fail our exams very miserably as if we did not study hard even if we did, and sometimes our grades remain the same.

There are also some other times where we tend to work hard at work to get that promotion that we have been dreaming for years in our working places, but then we remain in the same office position, or we sometimes see our friends being promoted. Of course, it is easy to lose our passion and get discouraged when we see that we are not making any progress in our lives. But there is one thing we have to know and do in our lives. We have to keep on working hard, because no matter how long we see that nothing new is happening in our lives, there is time for everything else in our lives. When you are faithful in your routine, something good happens that you cannot see.