Our lives matter
Your lives matter
Be compliant with laws
Law is there to protect us
Every home, every place and every country
Has its own laws
The laws protect the citizens

This matter is so serious
Stay at home, only go out for essential items
Lockdown is meant to save millions of lives
Including yours, so don’t take the risk
Although life is a risk
Let us all listen and answer the call
Made by our president to saves lives
Let us honour wise decisions that were made
To save our lives

These tough times call for tough decisions
We will be stronger as we face challenges along the way
Fellow South Africans
Let us recall the fear we have
When confirmed cases rise
Let that fear live within us
When we decide to leave our homes
Let that fear live within us
When we decide not to follow procedures
Let that fear make us accept
It was the right decision that was decided to save lives
Let us be smart and do the right thing
Even when no one is watching, fellow South Africans
Our lives matter as much as our old people’s lives
Our lives matter as much as our children’s lives
So, let us all do the right thing and stay at our homes to save lives