My heart knows what’s what
But with the aid of my mind,
I have found it easy to deny it all.

I have come up with reasons why it’s not
Possible, and so it can’t be permitted.
Because if I would do so,
Then the end results would be undesirable.

With the willingness to try my heart comes up with excuses,
Persuading me to say maybe, maybe this moment it wouldn’t
Or couldn’t be bad as imagined.

However from the pot of experience not my own,
A brewing bubble reminds me that,
If I am not willing to dance the tango
And to the rhythm of the drums way after they have stopped,
I might as well not start.

Yet I am captivated by such beauty,
That has cast a spell on me…bewitched.
It has induced a covet so great,
Whose magnitude can’t even be equivalent
To the sand that surrounds the earth.

The truth is I know what I want.
It’s written and engraved in my heart.
But I am denying having to take the opportunity.

It might not taste as sweet as I anticipate but,
It can’t be that bitter either.