Where are you?
Where are you?
How can I find you in the hundreds of worlds
Between which you wander.
Casting these unbearable glances at me?
How can I not confuse you with your reflection
In a hundred mirrors.
In a thousand sharp fragments of mirrors?

You’re almost gone.
I won’t find you.
No matter how much I reach for you.
No matter how much I search for you.
Tell me where are you?
You can hear me and even want to answer.

But you don’t know where you are.
So don’t utter anything.
Come, let’s keep quiet and look at each other.
It does not matter where you are, where I am,
Where we both are…

I believe that in this case the prospect of meeting you
Is a sufficient excuse.
As you ponder these words.
How surprised would you be to find out that
You are looking forward to spending some time with me.
How you just start to get a deep pleasure from it.
Now that I have finally found where you are.