The milk inside the cup
is spilt into the ground
And I can make no sound
for it can not be found
it is sucked in by the soil

Your loving soul
was taken out of your body
I can kiss you no more
For it is in heaven
with Him who is holy

The milk inside the bowl
is spilt into the sand
Even if I frown
and even get sad
I can drink it no more
for it is sucked in by the sand

Dreams I had inside of me
sucked out of my being
like the bag containing tea
I can live them no more
for I am at rest

The milk inside the jug
is spilt into the grass
make a dam for the ants
now they are feasting,
enjoying my loss

How can my loss start a feast?
How could it possibly bring joy?
I also longed for what was in the jug
But I will hold tight
and hug the jug
As it is all that Iā€™m left with
for the milk inside it
is all spilt