Nowadays the country has turned violent
Daily someone is killed, raped or arrested
This place is dangerous and chaotic to live in
Masses daily submit reports on law elements provoking crimes
Government close a sight on victims

Direction of country isn’t good for the origins
Authorities are feeding their bellies while we starving
Today we empower then thereafter we’re forgotten
Poor service delivery opens a gap for chaos
Government serves the private sector needs than off the masses at large.

Believe it or not this country is ruled by the Private Sector
An order has to be called upon government by the origins
We living under the survival of the fittest nowadays
Drugs have become an attempt of luxurious lives
Honestly struggles continue until Social Freedom.

Such government is favouring those criminally liable
Whether we like it or not South Africa is no longer ours
Lack of job creation contributes to crime the rate
Government is increasing the gap between the rich and the masses
Economy is in the hands of the country rulers (oppressors)

We need not to be blinded by Political freedom with dump rights
The minority must not become rich in our expenses
Government under ANC sold our land to the apartheid architectures
South Africa is better off with the ancient life
We’ve lost the right landscape and lack the leadership to lead us right again.