June 16 1976
When the youth was fighting for its freedom
Carrying posters and ready with bricks
Striving for a better kingdom!

Today we have Youth Day
Because of the youth
Who fought for us each day
Who stood for the truth

Some died in the scene
Some nowhere to be found
Freedom where have you been?
Six feet underground?

Many people died
Striving for you
It was a tiresome ride
If only you knew

Thanks to Nelson Mandela
A man filled with wisdom
Thanks to Steve Biko
For fighting for our freedom!

The road to democracy
Was a long and difficult one
They fought off autocracy
It wasn’t easy, nor was it fun

Today we can stand with pride
And sing our national anthem
And it’s all for those who died
We couldn’t do it without them

“Sounds the call to come together
And united we shall stand
Let us live and strive for freedom
In south Africa our land!”

Forever I shall sing this song!
Expressing my inner anguish
They will remind me to always be strong
These words shall never perish