Everyone is always hungry for something
Someone was hungry yesterday
Another is hungry today
and someone will be hungry tomorrow
What are you hungry for?
I’m willing to hand out whatever I can give
Gather around I’m starting a soup kitchen
I’ve got pots big enough to feed the masses
I’m never running out of pages
and my ink will spill for ages
I wanna touch souls
Give me a pad
That’s where I bring together the finest of ingredients
Creating something to savour
and feeding your desire.
Come to my soup kitchen
Today I woke up in a mood for cooking
apron on
preparing something for my people to dig into.
A simple but healthy recipe for the mind, heart and soul
Some diced assurance
for those looking for positive declaration
Today I’m boosting your confidence
Go own that interview
Go and ace that exam
Let it boil for as long as someone needs to hear it
Let it cook to as tender as the relief it renders
Add a handful of finely chopped hope
for the greatest of expectations
a positive anticipation
The flavours it extracts
will prove that you’re highly favoured
That admission application
will turn into a letter of acceptance
That All of You
Given to your current position
Tomorrow will birth a big promotion
Add a heaping bowl of grated love
some people do not hear these words enough
But today I’m telling you
I Love You
No matter who you are
regardless of where you are
Now smile and know that you’re beautiful
A cup full of familyhood
Joining hands with everyone
We are stronger together
Defeating odds
Paving roads
for the ones that follow
A spoonful of optimism
to blend in the flavours
killing all the negatives
I like how it tastes now
A little diligence for the seasoning
A pinch of perseverance
for a mild spicy taste
Now let it simmer
on an exuberant amount of prayer
Knowing whatever we ask for in His name
shall be given to us
Best served in a smile
I’m ready to dish up
Welcome to my soup kitchen