Sorry I kept you waiting
A fellow jests now done
With his sight-seeing
Of the world’s largest
Floating bookshop

The Logos Hope
Is here for all
And we queue
As in 1994

For there are
Many folks here
Wending their way

What might that say
About the culture
Of reading we have

Surely that it is
That all is well

Three of us chat
Meeting on the train
(Metro-hell turd-class)
About the state education is in

Empty handed
(Out-priced we were)

There are many
Folks here too
Wending their way

None has a new book
Who are these folks
(Wearily clothed)
Where have they been

A Tale of Two Cities

“Hope sails into Cape Town” (People’s Post Lansdowne, 21 June 2016), as “City wins top travel award” (Cape Times, July 8 2016).