Soon I will be not here, I am not yet ready
But my body will reach a point where it will not be able to fight anymore
I am scared and at the same time I am ready
When that happens I need to prepare my soul
I need to prepare those around me
I know they might not be ready but they have to be ready
Because the reality is soon I am going
Soon I will not be here
I do not want it to happen but it will happen
If I could bargain with God to give me one more chance I would
But there is no turning back because I am the chosen one
How I wish I could go back to my mother’s womb
So that when I am born again I would be prepared for everything
Most importantly I would rectify every mistake that I have made
That would make me a perfect human being
Unfortunately, that is not possible
Soon I will not be here
They say we learn from our mistakes but the only lesson I got is death
Because I am dying and soon I will be gone
I never thought that things would turn out like this
My wish is for my loved ones not to see me when my soul detaches with my body
I do not want to see the pain on their faces, but soon I will not be here