We remember our origins and history
Etched in stone, books and tapestry
Each of us having a unique identity
Interconnected by bloodlines and ancestry
Where young and old have a dream or fantasy
The willpower to make it into a reality
We are a force to be reckoned with
We have a vast collection of stories

My roots are anchored
Deep in my motherland soil
We live side by side
We love one another
We heal our fellow people
We fight for each other
We protect our kin
We sing and dance with merriment
Our continent’s heart beats
To the sound of thousands
Converging closer and together as one
We tread on sacred ground
Following footprints of forefathers and legends
Paving our own ways and journeys

Sons and daughters of ebony and ivory
Stand tall and proud as the iroko tree
Be proud to wear your skin
Be fearless and resilient
Let everyone witness the continent and its magic
Embrace your culture and heritage
Because you are sons and daughters of ebony and ivory
You are children of the motherland soil