When we wrestle our battles,
Sometimes we win, sometimes
We lose. Sometimes we wish
To surpass our dreams
Sometimes to challenges,
We surrender
When we give it all,
Sometimes they disparage
When we lose it all.

Sometimes they badly exalt
Sometimes to those who
Chitchat to them ,we tend
To render all credits
Sometimes in the morning,
When the sun sparkles
We slide aside curtains,
Valiant ideas come and go.

In a Marathon,a horse runs
Its own race it is your own
Race ,the steering wheel is
All yours among the herd,
Only one is a target
That is, a choice is made
Which is the best sometimes
The worst, we catch sometimes
The best, we catch when we
Succeed, we boost our courage
To carry on when we flounder,
Fortitude fades

Sometimes we should go extra mile
Sometimes we should hold on,
Because sometimes, we pull out
Near about. Sometimes the sky
Turns grey, and so it rains
Sometimes it turns blue, and
So the light shines

When it rains, sail on when
The rayss parkle, go on and
Glitter to the world sometimes
It is a talent , sometimes
You sweat for it all that
Matters is to attain it
So metimes slowly we work,
And then put all blame on
Time sometimes we roll the
Dice, and it falls the wrong
Way but sometimes we need
To keep rolling.