I’m convinced I’m over the times that you and I shared
Above all the times you and I had
But that’s just sometimes
I laugh at the mention of a name similar to yours
Retracing a thought to when we first met
But sometimes reality bites like a pit bull
And I charge like a bull seeking refuge
I sometimes convince myself I’m over you
Those times do not last long enough to offer relief
Sometimes I find peace and comfort in Southern Comfort
Comfortably relay that I have let go of you
Then some of those times
I hear that song on the radio
And it hits me like chest pain

I deleted your number more times than I care to remember
But those times do not really matter
We both know I know it by heart
Hence I dialled it right at the last sip of this Comfort Southern topic
Sometimes, like most times
I forget your existence then carry on
Life throws me a bone but I’m used to my dark chocolate
So I turn it down, for what?
Those few times that I get to hold on to memories of your sweet smiles Intoxicated by your scent
Ducking and diving trying to avoid those conversations with my friends
When they tell me they saw you walk on by
And my heart just wants to jump up for joy
But then again that’s just sometimes

Then comes those times my phone rings in your assigned ringtone
And I respond enthusiastically
Forgetting it’s the only song my 126mb memory could contain
And my brother just wanted to check in
Sometimes I’m convinced I’m over you
And then reality sets a reminder
You’re no longer under me
How am I supposed to be over you
Then sometimes I find the courage to move on
On to the next
Then she kiss me
Wearing that strawberry scented lip gloss
And oh gosh… I forgot your name
I mean you’re standing before me
All I think about you is you before me
But the again that’s only sometimes

I must have read your texts more than a hundred times
And this time it’s the last time, I swear
Coz this is no longer sometimes
But my time
So I summarise in a time to come
Some memories of those past adventures will flow through to your spine
Giving you a reason to stand
None of those aches in pains
Forget sometimes
And let your mind drift across the lands
Trapped in the sands of time
It’s unfortunate that some of those times aren’t worth a mention
Like a foetus given up for abortion
I remember I forgot to thank you for those times
Sacrifices and such and should he do the same
Remember it is only sometimes