There should be
parental controls
and the like
to watching sport

usually it is due to your
well-fed footballing galactico
spitting and cussing and
abusing women on the side
(it’s just not cricket)

Something suspect
in your trousers
comments a former
exotically-named cricketer
(that itself controversial
in certain worldly places)

a bit of controversy
below our Table Mountain
where the reprobate reckons
he was in the wrong place
at the wrong time

not an I am sorry but
curses you caught me
just like our politicians
who never do

a ball-tampering
cricketer trying
to change the state
of a cricket ball
with something suspect
(now) in his trousers

a fine moral example
for role-model-seeking
youth here and elsewhere
(and farmers too seeking
civilized pastures)

is it cricket

Out Newlands way, the genteel game of cricket is a tad disturbed.