Being stubborn for godly things is good
It is taking a stand without wavering
It refuses to quit or to give up
It is stable on promises

Standing on promises is hope
It keeps us moving no matter what
I will never be discouraged
I will continue even when there’s no stone to step into

Even when we are covered by darkness but we see light
Even when we are tired but we don’t give up
We are those who believe that our future is not determined by our backgrounds
We believe in a change even when it seems impossible

No matter what they say, we going there
No matter what they think of us, we continue
We climb mountains not because we have power to do so
But we focus on the vision
We cross the deepest river holding you in our hands

No storms can stand in our ways
No rain nor thunderstorms can discourage us
No matter how many persecutions we get, we don’t lose hope
No matter how painful of thorns the road may be, we never give up
Even in a dilemma situation we hope for the best

Hope doesn’t die
Hope doesn’t deny
Hope doesn’t neglect
Hope doesn’t kill

It will never be the same again
Hope gives life to the dead
Hope bring existence to non-existence
Hope makes the impossible possible
Hope give reasons to live again

Never lose hope
Never get tired of hoping
Work on what you are hoping for
Hope for the best always.

Hope doesn’t die or kill anyone
It doesn’t need money nor silver and gold
But a focused mind
My hope! My hope! Don’t die