Something doomed me
I was doomed from the outset
When I denied your first kiss
My mind was at war
The bad things it been through
Something doomed me
Told me you weren’t right
In my eyes you were flawed
Flawed from the first day
Roses do not choose themselves
Maybe they fear thorns
That little thorn
Doomed me
Fooled my heart

What memories do I enjoy?
When the only memento is fears
But you
Do not worry
Inside my heart
Every puzzle
I hear it crying
For your light

One day
If true love be a thing of reality
If Romeo and Juliet ever existed
If oceans can never part
What the heart planted
If the music can be sung
In America and reach Africa
If those be ideals
There is hope
In my mind
And my heart

They all fight for one
That one day
You will be my best friend
If I am your real moon
I will chase your habitat
When the sun is done brushing my veins
I will run to your arms
Like a storm dancing to the beat of thunder
For there was a promise
That, for better or for worse
But here my love
Something doomed me
You remain my greatest choice
In dooms and looms