Sometimes I have such interesting moments.
Sometimes I get just crazy about them.
I want to tell you for sure.
You are the gorgeous woman who is worth everything.

I will gently knock on your sleep.
Sinking weightlessly to the headboard.
I will merge with your breath and love.
Wrap it up.
The world is beautiful together.

I am music invented by the rain.
Spill across the sky playing in the clouds.
As if going down a rainbow downhill.
We will run barefoot through the puddles.

You call and I will come to your dream.
I will stay with you in dreams until dawn.
A bell from a July bouquet I’ll be back.
You open the door to your closet and find yourself
In a completely different world.

Where can we find our Garden of Eden
In a word you make me feel special.
You were that someone I was not expecting.
But you happened to woe my heart apart from my body.
Are you looking for the same?
I would like to know what makes you happy.