Some people know how it feels to be ignored.
To try to speak, but be cursed for their thoughts.
To be called weird,
To be called creepy,
When you are just lonely.

Some people know what it’s like
To wish for a knock on your door.
To wish for a ring on your phone.
To ask, “How long should I be this cold?”
To wish for human warmth.

Some people know what it feels like to not belong,
To hang on a lovely thought until it rots to hate,
To fight and fight, and still not get through the pain,
To never hear, “How are you?” and “Wanna hang out?”
To never hear, “I love you the way you are.”
To lie awake every night searching for the meaning of your life.
To lie every time your mother asks, “Are you okay?”
To contemplate over and over, dying.
Knowing if you do, it would go unnoticed.
To be afraid of the light because it will show your true colours,
To think, “They won’t accept me.”
To be banished from the rest.
To cry and not rest.

And some people don’t.