There is no safe place to hide
Because guns are being distributed
To the streets like a bread delivery
While alcohol is being abused
By society’s generation at an early age
Rape is made but no charges have been laid
Crime is the common career
For so many schoolchildren that have been exposed

My sight has seen so many dead bodies
Visualising the pain within the soul of the innocents
I have seen judgements being displayed
Scenes like accusations
Then being mobbed by the street
Just because you are…a revelation

Crime where I come from is seen as a culture
Children from an early age wish to be kings of the street
But when they are killed the pain of the parents is so deep
That it cuts through
Veins from a hand till days of our lives seem to end

Victims of crime are those who die
While doing nothing about it
Those who cry while abuse is living
And those in jails for doing nothing
Victims of crime are human beings
That cause no harm to any soul
But they bleed, cry and die while being
Mobbed, robbed and killed by our societies