I dedicate this letter to my future beloved.
At this stage of my life,
I can’t even imagine where you walk,
where you live in this galaxy,
but I know for sure that you are in this world.

My beloved best friend, I am looking forward to you and you know about it,
because you are also searching for me.
Our roads so far are bound to cross,
when we despair and stop looking for each other.

We will meet at the crossroads of fate,
our hearts will tell us that this is real love.
We will meet and never part,
no matter what happens in life,
tender and romantic lovers.

Sorry if I am distracting you,
but I need your attention like air.
What for?
Because I want to know the woman hidden behind this profile pic.
I want to know you better.
To meet, hug and kiss your sweet lips.
What will happen next we will both decide.

What do you think about it?
Will you give me your attention or are you too busy for me?
But I will probably understand you.
Although I will still think about it often and a lot.