For when you smile you can change a lot of lives
Many are healed from sickness
Many are released from chains
And many are given a reason to live

I know that you have challenges awaiting you
These challenges do not allow you to smile
But do not let them control your life
Do not let them take away your light

Your smile is like the sun in winter
Everyone wants to see it
Your smile brightens our days
Your smile is our daily dose
It’s our addiction

Not everyone rejoices when there’s no smile on your face
Some prefer seeing you smile
From now on
Whenever you are sad

Think of the people surrounding you
Think of how many hearts you’re breaking
Think of how many souls you’re destroying
Think of the people who care
Those who like you better when you smile

Now my dear,
For your smile has a huge impact on other lives
Smile and be happy
It’s the secret to a long life