she is
says her grateful mom
out Mitchells Plain way

sleeping with her book
her daughter is
the one she received
courtesy of READ to RISE
(now 5 years in existence)

sleeping with her book
might you imagine that

usually it is
the negative
we are used to

after all there is
mass teenage
and pre-teenage
in one of our provinces

sleeping with her book
the young one given
that inspiration to read
says her parent
(is it only the mom present)

might you imagine that
after all there is the view
that it is the teacher’s job
parents not seeing that they
too are educators

READ to RISE celebrates 5 years
of inspiring children to read

children need to read in order
to rise in their personal development
and contribution to society

might you imagine that

The READ to RISE September 2018 – No. 29 Newsletter gets me going. Their OAKY books are now available at Bargain Books stores right here in the Western Cape colony. For every book bought, a book is donated to a child in need. See