Sleep a small word with five letters
Initially we say, “we cannot fall asleep”
Proclaiming that time will come for us
“The Principled” we boldly call ourselves
We realise that we have unknowingly fallen
When we hit the ground

Out of generosity, you give us sweet dreams
Sweeter than honey and ice cream combined
We laugh & smile all night alone on our bed
Being driven crazy on an endless road
Nights gets sweeter and sweeter than before
Each morning waking up on the right side of the bed

Your unexplainable matters bring us nightmares
Afraid of you, we don’t close our eyes all night
We sometimes regret the day we fell asleep
Promising our hearts that we will never fall again
That, like a river, you naturally take your course, we forget
After hours we dive onto our bed and fall asleep again

All hail sleep! What is your secret?
It’s so amazing how you carefully handle our minds
Falling into you changes all senses of ours
We can’t even hear sounds of raindrops
Hearts, eyes, thoughts, and ears are all up
You deserve a stanza in our national anthem