I promised myself
that I’ll wait for her
so I lay in the darkness,
my eyes’ pupils wide open,
inhaling the sweet scent of roses,
not bothered by the silence,
my hands placed where my heart is,
entertained by my heartbeat’s rhythm,
as I close my eyes to think

I reminisce about those places,
those fantasies that she’s brought me,
how comforting, restful and wonderful she is,
despite her never-ending mind games
which always seem to deceitfully dazzle me
she is the center of my wildest dreams
concoctions of such contorted realities
in which heavy rains fall on a hot summer’s day
while she and I sit on top of the clouds
wishing we could take a u-turn
and fly again to the moon

So tonight I’ve made up my mind,
I’ve placed a ring under my pillow
We’ll cuddle and enjoy the moment
I won’t let her slip away again
I will tell her that I love her
I will say to her, “I truly love you,
“Sleep, my love.”