Skeleton in my closet
We don’t decide who makes our heart race.
The corners of your lips just upturn so suddenly
Until the love fades away.
You start weeping.

You start causing your own doomsday
With war and rampage
Bringing forth depression and tears.
You resent that you once loved and cared so much
Then you finally melted into an illness,
Dripping into one after another,
Until you are unrecognizable.

The day I fall in love with you again
It’s the day you know you will live for ever.
Not in this life but in the love that I could not seem to grant myself.
I can give you all of it.

I will make you cry and be happy at the same time.
You will cry tears of happiness.
Your happiness will glow in the sky cause my heart chose you.

Honey bee you lied when you said you loved me

I had no course to doubt you about the rumours,
I’d rather continue hearing and bearing your lies
Than to go on living without your love and you.

Another event is deserted and I am covered all over with emptiness all around me.

If you will not come back to me, they can bring the white linens down.
Close the coffin with a nail and use the soil to cover me with it.

Why have I been your favourite all along?

Because with you I cannot seem to add or utter words…..

Wow really??

Yes cause the way you show that you love me,
that you care for me,
that you can’t live without me
is absolutely amazing
It melts my heart away each time I catch a glimpse of you.
You’re like a morning star shining my day.
My moon that becomes gloomy at night.
You love is like the entire galaxy of stars.