We can’t take these things with us
When the bell rings
Tick tock, time to rest now,
Worldly things are momentary
In fact, life itself is temporary
I wonder why
We kill our brothers and sisters
For their possessions,
When we can’t buy their entity back.

The skin is forever disloyal
It perishes when we’re six feet under breathless,
Yet there are white supremacists
Who believe other races are inferior to theirs.

Money is the root of all evil
That’s the planted seed,
Yep, we reap what we sow
We kill trees but then we plant them again,
That’s what I call a tragedy ,
Some say abortion is wrong
But yet won’t help the street kids
When they ask for food,
Tell me, why should we be fighting for unborn babies
But neglect the baby that’s alive

I’m no preacher, I’m no teacher
I can’t judge the next man/woman
But it’s hard to not judge
I feel like, as humans, that comes naturally
It’s so typical for you and me to be hypocritical

I choose to be part of the solution
Let’s stop all this pollution,
If you’re part of the problem
Then you’re killing our nation
I have hope for the future generation
I’m impressed by the new generation
Cause they’re so self-aware
And I believe when we’re aware
We can change things and make a difference

I worry about the kids
That don’t have role models,
Sometimes the media plays a role
That’s misleading
So the kids turn to the streets
That’s how they fall for the systematic trap
That ensures they become a statistic
Of being Uneducated, Addicted, Gang-affiliated,
Peer pressure, Teen pregnancy, Abusive situations
And looking for love in all the wrong places
Cause they’re not getting love at home,
Sometimes the only “love” they get
Is in the form of fists
So they show that same “love” to their spouses…
I pray for the kids.

We’re divided by religion
Do you know how insignificant
Same-sex relationships are to God?
It didn’t even make the top ten of the commandments
That should tell you,
Some will use the ten commandments
Only when it’s convenient
But otherwise they be sinning
Like it’s winning

(I’m not sinless, I’m not sinless)

The world has been sinful since the day
Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit
Humans are eternally cursed with a faulty Gene and
That makes us all Sinless
But that doesn’t mean
We stop trying to do/be better.