Single mom are you okay?
Were in love, dated for a very long time
Had thoughts of building a house together,
So “let’s save every dime”
But then I was created which brought problems,
Till ‘he’ disappeared
Because abortion was the last thing on your mind,
And that’s what he feared

Single mom are you okay?
My first question is,
How did you cope with me,
With no one on your side?
‘Dad promised: “I’ll always be there”…
Well, he lied
I made you have weird cravings,
Take long walks (or drives) to sustain them
It didn’t even bother you a bit
That something might happen,
‘Cause I was your first and last priority

Single mom are you okay?
I was visible to the world in your stomach,
But you always held your head high
People gossiped bad things about you,
But you knew it would pass by
Didn’t you for once have regrets?
Like “I think it’s too early?”
‘Cause the things you said about your past,
Hurt me. “I’m really sorry”

Single mom are you okay?
But you still work day by day
You raised me in this world
With no feeling of hunger or pain
…But I’d notice how sometimes,
When there wasn’t food,
You’d go insane (unnoticeably)
Had to do other things to put food on the table,
But I took it lightly

Single mom are you okay?
I came back from school,
Crying and beaten up
But you cleansed me
The next day in class I wished “I had a father”
But you came and fought for me
The both sides of love I got from you weren’t enough,
And there was nothing you could do
I had to learn to toughen up and not call Mom,
Even if I had a flu

Single mom are you REALLY okay?
I’ve eaten in shops we couldn’t afford,
Worn clothes that didn’t meet the budget
Used your credit card so much,
You’re still paying your debts as I speak
I’m only learning how tough it is,
‘Cause we can’t afford what I had back then
But thank you, my childhood was the best I could ever ask for

Single mom, you will be okay
I’m growing up and learning things,
Because physically, I take after you
Being able to prioritise, to not trust easily,
Know what I want in life and other things too
I’ve had lots of failed relationships,
But I’d think of these words: “Always do you”
I have been a disappointment yes,
But I’m changing so you can be okay
Every day my upgrowth
And the things happening at home
Are my motivation.

So single mom, one day you’re going to be okay…