Since 2019 when I decided to take my Poetry seriously
Playing with words is what I do every day
That makes me happy
Listening to people telling me to never stop what I’m doing
Is one of the most cheering things I’m used to.

Since I became a poet
I mended so many hearts
I’ve healed so many souls
I’ve wiped so many tears
I’ve encouraged many members of mankind to do right
Doing those things became my daily routine
They’re some of the things that always wake me up
They put the smile on my face.

Since I became a poet,
Whenever I write, my heart jumps excitedly
Like never before.
Since I became a poet
Pen and paper are my new best friends
They’re also my alcohol, they quench my thirst
For the knowledge from school
Since lockdown has started
I’m always drunk with words

Since I became a poet,
Nothing makes me happier than writing.
It takes me out of Earth
What a feeling.