Oops! Yo, I’m surrounded by stress.
History just repeated itself
I have the same problems that made Mom depressed.
Like a Nando’s menu
Water fills my knees so I chickened out.
You coward! If you lose respect as you travel
From the rural areas to study at Howard…

College… Students can mismanage their attitude.
They have their parents’ love confused,
As if, it is a spoiling magnitude.
If this pencil is like a light beneath the table under,
Then poetic justice is in the hands of Dirty Poets
With a million tracks to cover…

Up… As I take off like a plane.
There’s this phrase that says
“What goes up, must come down.”
Yo, that’s insane!
Here I am praying, “Please don’t let this cash flow disappear…”
The next morning I am told, “You’re fired, get out of here.”

My spirit eats, drinks and lives from the word of God.
Do you know the amount of headaches you get
After listening to bad music from an iPod?
If I don’t kneel and give in to Jesus, oh Lord!
Is there a simple and easy way of not being in the way
Of the strike of your sword?