I wanted to heal
All she ever wanted was to steal
Oh what have I done to offend the earth?
Why are the birds not whispering quietly
But they keep on laughing silently.

I thought I had a friend but I had an enemy
I was blinded by love, not knowing
I was given hatred in the eyes of love
I gave her my attention
All I ever received was detention,
Light turned into darkness
What is happening to your world dear Lord?
Friendships turning into Enemyships

Isolation was her justification
Every heartless intention
Was hidden in the name of love
My love was taken for granted
She was digging me inside a hole
She pushed me inside a slowly evaporating pool
And watched me with those round owl eyes till I wasn’t able to breath

I called her my friend
She behaved like a fiend
She continued rubbing salt in my wound
We are now betrayed by our own friends
We are now living in a world full of fake people
As we no longer know who to rely on
Be your own friend, make yourself a priority
And in that way you will never face downfall.