Who wants sleepless nights?
Is it He who dreams in wicked sights,
Seeking refuge in the darkness of the room,
Regretting time spent when facing light?
Blinded by true emotions he never saw to life,

As too many times wrong prevailed
When he seldom got the chance to do right?
Is it is He who looks at the 3rd eye only as
A concept of evil and not a spiritual awakening,
That in the land of prayer,
We’re never too far from Satan?

Always trying to fight off evil with the enforced
Laws he keeps on breaking,
Like the first meal of the day
That many go without taking.
Does he surrender to the aching
Ambiance of silence,?
Which serves as a poignant
Reminder of solitude at its finest.

While bed bugs bite, he wonders
Where the sky went.
Never believing in heaven and hell,
Yet still seeks to find the right steps.
So between the heavy blankets and cold sheets.

Hovers a broken souls with a
Twenty-two chrome piece.
It was tossed up, and he caught it
Between a rock and hard place,
Not talking Dwayne Johnson.
But Johnson & Johnson was cooking.

No baby powder so babies are
Stillborn, using.
So should i preach to the choir
Or follow what the mouse say’.
And remain miserable knowing
Tomorrow’s a Monday.
Business as usual, so better
Not stick my nose in it.

It’s a dirty world, yet i come
Clean with my dope lyrics.
This is far from a confession
And not a snitchy distance and persona
This is real life and these tears
Serve to lubricate my cornea.

While my cheeks look like a ducks
Back, best bet for centuries I’ll never run
Forever lay where hardship lingers
Time heals wounds
Pain of the heart needs liquor
Missing my mamas hug while my
Loyal girl misses mine.

Having to make appointments
With all the bad bitches standing in line.
Full of deceit
Fearing disease
And never to find peace
Women tease, and we men are weak
Potholes not the only challenges
We mend in these streets.
Its all violence.

Cant even count sheep with all the sirens.
So sleep invites his cousin to be your guest
Brings red wine and spills the
Lambs blood upon your cotton vest
Feeling blessed
Ironic how sleepless night become
Where you’ll eternally rest.