Brother, I know you have
Well-trodden this thorny path of love
My cart finds it serpentine
And vitiated with zillion nuts
And treacherous outcrops of rocks
So teach me what you do in love
Be my pedagogue to my role to play
In this bizarre game
I merely know iota of or maybe zero
So show me the ropes
Teach me how to woo a woman
Teach me how to scintillate her
What would I give her, when she falls under the weather
Are the woods the superb rendezvous for lovers?
Or maybe foot or terraces of bergs or riverbanks?
How many birds would I have to snare for every day?
What would I do to render her grin?
What would I do to make her titter?
Would I have to reach for all the grandeur in the world?
And give it to her?
For a bevy of fragrant variegated beautiful flowers lit with butterflies
Gorgeous butterflies swarming from chrysalises
For the glosmar-winged pretty firelies flitting from shadow to shadow
Within a sombre sacred cave
To pluck the succulent fresh fruits from the very tree of life in the wilderness
And surrender it to her on a platter of wrought gold
From the elastic bronze tongue – melting honey
From a hive of hysteric wrathful bees
For a pyre of elephant tusks
For the sonorous voice of the singing throstle

Brother, teach me how to court a lady
How can I be a titillating swain?
How can I lure her for her to betrothed to me?
Teach me how to handle a fiancé
Which time of the day is best for lovers?
Is the sunset with the sun kissing us with blithe flecks of bronze?
Is the dusk gloaming with serenity and coolness?
Is it down with the grey twilight like a soft veil thrown over us on earth with slopping glee and lust?
Oh, Brother, be my tutor to the stringent rubs of love
Show me the ropes