A politician standing on a podium
Preaching hypocrisy to the poor
A savage consolation of the Statesmen
A consolation of the unknown wrath
Wrath never witnessed in his life
Only optimistic in his pessimism
He has never known the woes of poverty
He has never slept on an empty belly
Yet he has a audacity to stand with his nose high
In his wisdom, his arguments are convincing

A clergyman on a pulpit
Meditating on God’s laws to the congregation
An angelic hypocrisy to the sinners
The very rules he/she goes against
In his/her wisdom, the sermon is compelling
How could one remove a speck in his brother’s eye,
When there are specks in one’s own eyes?
How could a blind man lead another?
They excuse with, “do as I say, not as I do”
Caution, for other phrases are excuses for selfish endeavours

A true citizen of a country
Deliberately setting fire to public facilities
Squandering of public materials
And pilfering of public resources
Resources meant for mass goodness
In his/her selfishness his/her act is clever
Unworried of retrogressing of one country
Unconcerned of other people’s welfare
As long as he/she is fine and not caught
There is nothing wrong with his/her witchery

Looking at these teachers
Doing sit-in for unpaid salaries
And some arrears unpaid too
Pupils in classrooms alone
They cannot learn, only noise they can make
Though their education welfare is humiliated
They cannot help
But walk in the streets fighting for their rights
Their teachers have to eat too

Look at these medical personnel
Going slow for a salary raise and allowances
Seriously ill patients die
Unattended in the queues due to negligence
Look at these medical personnel
First come first serve is no rule
Their relatives are first priority
They say blood is thicker than water
Forgetting they are there to serve humanity

Look at these politicians once more
Embezzling from public coffers
Draining the very little from the public
Channelling them to their fat private accounts
In their improvident vision
They are building the country’s economy
The worst of all
They won’t invest, rather keep as a prestige
If they do it is always outside your territory

Please, show me a true patriot!