At first I didn’t realise you,
At first I didn’t see you.
Should I let you go?
Or should I tell you how I feel?
If I let you go, won’t I have regrets?
If I don’t tell you, how will I know how you feel?
If I just let you go, will you ever recognise me?
Is letting you go, going to be worth it?
When I think about you, I feel complete.
I want to feel loved around you.
I want to feel safe around you.
I want to be loved around you.
If I tell you, won’t I have regrets?
Will telling you be a good thing?
Will telling you be safer for me?
Or should I just let it go?
Should I tell you?
But how will you react?
But how will you behave?
It all doesn’t matter, I will tell you that I love you.