A snake can play with a child without biting her
Can you, men, stay with my child without raping her?
Should I be worried about you or snakes?
How can I tell the real man from these fakes?

The real man is supposed to protect everyone’s child
He’s supposed to be loving and kind
Not these sick-minded, full of evil
Not these animals dancing with the devil

How do you call yourself a father
While you are introducing an infant to adultery?
And how do you call yourself a mother
While selling your baby to sex slavery
Huh? Should I be worried about you or a reptile
Do you know that in heaven you have a hell profile

If I had one wish, that would be your death
We don’t need such people on this earth
I wouldn’t be worried by your absence
You just deserve a death sentence

I wonder how you get such feelings
Raping young blood and killing
Now should I be worried or have you changed?
Should I be spilling tears on every news page?

They got souls and they got needs