When moments freeze and wind turn to air.
I visit in a four-room house where my uncle
lives. His body is so thin with tiny fingers and
Swollen eyes. He usually shouts out, thinking
Like I don’t hear him calling me with sort of
Names, cutting my heart in pieces, drowning
In pain.

I seat behind the door listening to his voice,
rising up and down, struggling to breathe. I
Run with a cup of water, and wait for him to
Take a sad cough cracking his chest and drinks.
I look at his spin so narrow, showing bones.
I burst in tears beside him in secret because
I don’t want to let him know that it hurts me
Seeing him lay on his death bed. When he sees
My eyes red.
he thinks that I am mad. Not realising that he’s the
one losing his mind, and those who make money
out of his disease. He often holds a tin of beer trying
to forget his condition. He has four rich children and
none of them visit him. He usually drinks to drown
his sorrows and not realising that he’s holding his life
in a lane on his fingertips.

Even his neighbours who never share a piece of
help call him with sort of names. I don’t blame
him and his condition. He just needs people who
understand and love him. I am just a nine
year old kid. Starting today I urge you to never
judge, and laugh those who do bad to themselves
because the dark kings and queens are angels who
Were once never saved. They all need love.

Let’s try to save our beloved ones and always
be there for them no matter how bad they may look.
*#Fighting against domestic violence*#
*#drug abuse, disease*#
*#child and woman abuse*#