This is a message to all young beautiful people
We are gifted and talented in numerous ways,
yet we sometimes fail to put our talent out there
It may be a matter of still discovering or not knowing

A wise woman Beyonce Knowles said:
“Women often don’t reach for the stars,

they are comfortable with what they have,

with where they are because people tell them to.”

I did bad for the first time in my life,
but the comments people made, made me feel like a failure.
My mom encouraged me to work harder
saying, “My girl aim for the stars.”

I also want to encourage you
To reach for the stars
so you too may shine like them
and be seen by everyone

They will envy you
and you will be their role model
You are capable of anything,
anything you set your mind on

We women have the power,
we run this world
Why not control it?
Aim for the stars