When I first entered E.A. Janari Primary
I remember meeting the most amazing people
I remember their seats
I remember their greets
I remember Mrs. Johns sitting right behind Mrs. Meeran
Mr. Jones right next to Mrs. Dada with his one arm around her

Mrs. Marinus sitting next to me
Mrs. Paulse in her seat across from me
Mrs. Terry right at the back in the corner
And so on…
I was soon reminded of the poem
Life is like a Journey on a train
As time went by
New folks started boarding this train
New folks seated amongst us
As I once also did
Older folks would soon leave their seats
Making room for new folks to take their seats
As we exchanged seats
New folks would get up to give the older folks their seats
The older folks smiled in turn at them
Politely sat down
Reminiscing of a time not too long ago
When they greeted their predecessors
And parted ways
Now they have to pass the torch on
And later…soon left those seats
Some permanently
Others in totally different directions…

As time goes by we all will soon shift up a little bit more
To make room for another
Until our seat soon would be filled by another
Until very soon, we will board another…

Please dear Lord
Don’t let the sun go down on me
Keep me and my family safe
Lord you are the wings beneath our wings
Keep us all safe
Embrace us with Your Might Arms
From harm’s way
This I pray dear Lord
In Jesus’ mighty name