I never thought that I could love someone with my whole heart, with everything that I have. To me everything was a game until Basetsana Mamodikwane was introduced in my life.

I can’t stop thanking the Lord for sending me a ravishing soul on earth; a soul that loves me unconditionally and wholeheartedly. She is the reason behind my radiant smile and a reason for me to wake up and chase my dreams.

She’s my other half. A minute cannot pass without her dancing in my mind. I really appreciate her tenderness because it keeps me healthy and alive. Ngwana Motlokwa o nketsang mara? (Child of the Motlokwa clan. What are you doing to me though?)

She is unique and different from all the girls that I have met in high school. Her qualities are rare in Africa. Indeed, such a soul is worth dying for. She is beautiful, ravishing, gorgeous, exquisite and stunning, actually no words can describe how beautiful she is.

Her internal beauty is more valuable than her external beauty – that’s another quality that I admire about her. Environmental forces aren’t playing a negative role in her life, instead she changes them into stepping stones to her bright future.

I’ve learnt so much from her and I have to acknowledge that her presence in my miserable life plays a huge role. She is not only my queen but my source of motivation too. I am privileged to have found such a queen on earth.