She walks tall and confident
Her walk so elegant, her posture so classy
She isn’t larney yet
She carries so much sophistication

But she lets out her goofy grin
Just to show how amiable she is
And I see everyone return her smile
Who wouldn’t with such a gentle face?

She passes, waving her hand enthusiastically
Her melodious voice soothing to the ears
As she sings her favourite hymn
Clutching on to her bible dearly

She hugs the weeping lady on the side of the road
I hear her tell her all will be well
She gives a bit of the little she has to the beggar
and buys ice cream for the crying child who lost his money

Everybody stares in awe as she passes by
Mesmerised by her rare beauty
Whispering, they ask of her name
I turn to face them with a smile

She’s my aunt