I fell in love
I fell in love with a wonderful woman
I fell in love with a beautiful woman
It is not her looks that attracted me

She is so much more than her outer appearance
She is a kind, loving, caring and generous soul
She has respect for herself and others
She is able to stand her ground

My woman is understanding
She doesn’t hide things from me
She doesn’t shout or scream at me
She has never embarrassed me

Many envy her
She walks the walk, talks the talk
She is independent but never belittles me
She is a humble soul

She makes my every try special
She motivates and encourages me
She wants to see me succeed in everything I do
She is not embarrassed about me

She is my sister, friend, cousin, mother, pillar of most sources –
She is my everything
She is my wife – my number one lady
She. How can it not be about her?