Future, calling you from your humble abode
Plenty of treasures thou has in store for me
I’ll await the day of unveiling
Granting me a bit of its taste, through dreams and visions,
Whispering the laughter of a figure in my ears,
That gladdens a weary man’s soul,
Painting her very picture in the
Benthic zone of my mind,
You keep me pressing on, paying no attention
To the thorns and thistles around,
That seek to leave a scar and scare my love away,
Though I shall be wounded by my persistence,
Just for her beauty, like an ox in a cart,
I choose to pay the price
The moment she gets to know it all
I tell you what, she will

If she happens to cross my path today,
One thing is for sure,
In the midst of the confusion the world is in,
To unveil my love package to her,
Believing will definitely be a miracle
‘Cause the very word itself, “love”, is nothing but a concoction
Of a negative perception in a world filled with heartbreaks,
This alone breeds fear in my heart
Even to utter it, will she believe me if I tell her?
Perhaps I should wait,
Still, the question keeps coming, how long?
With the love I have, that comes from
The very deep depths of love,
I tell you what, she will

Future, my love I’ll take you there
A land of precious jewellery untapped
Where you shall be my queen and
You shall bid me my king
Help me work on the process now
It’s very beautiful I tell you
Don’t tell me to rush it,
To gamble on life, my love, spare me that
Trusting me is worth a risk to you
Permit my kind of love,
Like a thick cloud, it’ll break the rays of fear
Beckoning your heart,
In God, I trust, my love, it’s real
All men are the same, they lied to you
Test my delicacy, you shall crave it for your lifetime
If I tell you to wait, I tell you what,
You will find it pleasing,
The confusion is real,
But with what my love is made of,
Truly I am convinced, she will