The day she was born my life completely altered
Everyone was excited about the world cup and I was in labour pains
I was very scared of the unknown and excited at the same time
I couldn’t wait to hold her on my hands and touch and tell her how much I love her
2 o’clock sharp I gave birth to my beautiful daughter and at that very moment I knew I was no longer just a girl, now I was a mother.
I knew that everything I do, I will do it for her
I gave her a name that she must be happy
I made a promise in my heart that I will guard and keep her happy for as long as I am still in this world
Within few minutes another chapter of my life was opened
Doctors and nurses were moving around, for a second I thought I was in a busy town- no I am in hospital
They couldn’t look at me like dogs that stole food
My daughter was no more, she was gone (crying)
Oh God was is happening, you allowed her to be with me for few minutes
What am I going to do now? What have I done to deserve this? Are you punishing her for my sins? She was still young to die!!
Now I was all alone, the excitement of being a mother all vanished and I left no choice but, be consoled and know that nothing comes down without coming down
I knew that god will never take and not give
All I said was her soul rest in peace