She stole her from me
without noticing
I turned for just a second,
a minute, an hour and…
She stole her

She became so addicted to her
so badly
that she forgot I once loved her
I saw her laughing
and for the first time I wasn’t the reason
and for the first time without me

She promised
She pinky-swore
She told me!
She would never let me go, no matter what
I see her every day
but that every day seems to break my heart

Should I?
Should I not?
Let her go…memories, laughter, smiles and thoughts
will all be flashed just like that *snaps my fingers*

I will give her space,
but I will not forget how she left
‘cause when she comes back
I will be gone
because I don’t need fake love
I love her and I always will do.
Just that now there’s always a “but”
in whatever good thing
I have to say about her
She stole her