Don’t act like you don’t know,
You are the reason I hate love,
I loved you and you know,
I gave you all my love,
And I gave you my heart,

But you broke it like a glass,
You left it in pieces on the floor,
You said I was a useless fool,
Because I didn’t have money,
That’s fine,

I told you that I loved you,
Roses are red,
The sky is blue,
All I wanted was you,
But you said you don’t love me,

Your words were so painful,
I felt like someone shot me,
With a spear in my heart,
But I accepted that you don’t love me,
Life is a wheel, my mom said so,

You turned me down,
God turned me up,
He gave me a career,
I am back on my feet,
And you tell me you love me now,
I love you, I can’t lie,

I tried to forget you and I failed,
But I can’t be with you,
Why do you love me now?
I can’t live without you,
But I don’t see myself with you,
Tell me why do you love me now?