out SASSA-Athlone way
queuing along with others
I remember

(is it the age this
wonderful phase)

She reminds me
a UWC colleague-past did
of my mom serving
tea and delicacies
to us on my 40th

our English teacher mom
whose mind retired

studying Adult Education
after her stint at the school desk
(this for herself her own
enlightenment not-for-profit)

who inspired shaped
liberated and decolonized
the mind

(tea and delicacies
a phrase deliberate
in its choice)

She reminds me
20 years on
I share with staff
out Belthorn Primary way

a generous surprise spread
in the offing there

(much as I try
I can’t escape it)

She reminds me

An old Randy Crawford ditty helps this one along, as I remember, circa 9 July 2018, whilst queuing in Athlone’s early morning winter-darkness.