Ungishiyile, she left me!
Oh, oh I can’t believe that she left me
How on earth would she do such a thing?
I walk into our house
Wind blowing like it’s a very cold winter day
I walk into a house,
Cupboards open like there was a burglary.
She left.
Ungishiyile, she left me!
How could she do such a thing,
Leave me to fend for myself?

Oh God!

My mind is racing to figure out why she left me
She told me ukuthi she will never leave
But here I am standing between all these walls alone
Ungishiyile, she left me!
Ungishiyile. Uhambile without saying a word.
Oh such cruelty,
How could she go without saying goodbye?
Ungishiyile, she left me
In this whole entire world how could she, kodwa akusenani
Ungishiyile, she left me
Uhambe nje ngejuba
And I know this is hard but let her remain where she is
Ngoba I know ukuthi bayomchutha phambili
Ungishiyie, she left me.

Uhambile, she’s gone
She’s never, ever coming back
Yeah, the truth hurts I know
Kodwa it’s time we face the facts
Ungishiyile, she left me
Akasabuyi uhambile for good
Ungishiyile, she left me!