A young sad lady comes home
And puts her jacket on the bed
She puts her keys on the bed
She put her bag there
The echoes of the word she recited before leaving for work
“Smile, you got this!”

The smell of grass as her mentor told her to enjoy life,
“Live in your freedom and have goals.”
The amazing promises she told her
How she will not leave
Was it said to make her feel good during her hard time?
Because like the rest, her mentor left
She puts the encouraging words,
the sense of care and belonging
As the mentor held her little hand.

She puts their last conversation
She puts the feeling of emptiness
As her mentor withdrew with no explanation
Did she do something wrong?
She adds…
The unanswered questions
She was like a mother to her
The sleepless nights
The tears that never stop flowing
On the bed
The bed does not collapse

It is weary
It is burdened
It is heavy
But it still stands
Like her, taking all that thrown at her
Yet still standing and living as if it was all a nightmare
And that one day
She will wake up.